Do you want to host a Creative Social for you and your friends?

The Creative Social is the perfect event for anyone with natural born creativity or not. Our stencils and materials will allow your company to create the perfect piece of art. Our budget friendly options keep the event affordable for everyone.

A Creative Social is perfect for a night out with friends, bachelorette parties, couples parties, company outings,  kids parties, and more! 

Want to host a workshop at your business? Please contact us for details!


What do I need to host a party?

  • Space - Dry indoor or outdoor space. Dining Rooms work great for this!
  • Table & Chairs - For most guests, a single space at a dinning room table is perfect. We recommend leaving additional spots for people who may purchase larger boards. It's always nice for guests to be able to spread out! If you do not have enough tables or chairs please let us know and we may be able to bring some. 
  • Disposable Table Clothes
  • A Garbage Can - regular size please
  • Drop Cloths (optional)
  • Snacks & Refreshments (optional)

How do I set up a party?

Setting up a party is easy! 

Contact us and we will work together to come up with the perfect date and time for your party. Once your date/time has been chosen we will create a link for your workshop that your guests will be able to pre-purchase from. If you have facebook we will help you create an event page that will make it easy to interact and invite guests.

On the day of the party we will arrive 30-45 minutes early with everything needed for the party. All we ask is that you provide disposable table clothes, tables and chairs for your guests, and a garbage can. We will bring everything else!

Feel free to feed and hydrate your guests.

What are benefits of hosting a workshop?

There's no cost for hosting a workshop. In fact, hosting a workshop has plenty of perks!

- Free board for host with 5+ paid guests

- 25% off any additional boards for host

- 25% off boards at a workshop booked off of your own

- Endless laughs and time with friends.

Things to remember:

- All signs must be paid for no less than 2 days prior to the event
- Aprons will be provided, however,  please remember that the paint is permanent.
- Keep snacks simple & light. We recommend offering them once we paint the background color. This will help fill time as they allow their background to dry.

Ready to host?!

Contact Us to schedule your next workshop!